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Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction


Torino, November 4 and 5, 2003


  • An environment for designing and developing multiplatform interactive applications.
    Berti, Mori, Paterṇ, Santoro
    PowerPoint-zipped [616 Kb]
  • Comparing accessibility evaluation tools: a method for tool effectiveness.
    Web presentation
  • Adaptive management of the answering process for a call center.
    Cena, Torre
    PowerPoint-zipped [124 Kb]
  • User interaction with an automated solver. The case of a mission planner.
    Cesta, Cortellessa, Oddi, Policella
    PDF-zipped [1.322 Kb]
  • Usability evaluation of tools for nomadic application development.
    Chesta, Santoro, Paterno`
    PowerPoint-zipped [1.816 Kb]
  • Navigating 3D worlds by following virtual guides: helping both users and developers of 3D Web Sites.
    Chittaro, Ranon, Ieronutti
    PDF-zipped [496 Kb]
  • Software environments that support end-user development.
    Costabile, Fogli, Fresta, Lanzilotti, Mussio, Piccinno
    PowerPoint+AVI-zipped [1.346 Kb]
  • Cyrano: a character-centered architecture for interactive presentations.
    Damiano, Lombardo, Biral, Pizzo
    PDF-zipped [823 Kb]
  • Improving recommendations by integrating collaborative filtering and supervised learning techniques.
    Degemmis, Guida, Lops, Semeraro, Costabile
    PowerPoint-zipped [488 Kb]
  • GeoConcept: evidences for a prototypical organization of Websites page layout.
    Di Nocera, Capponi, Ferlazzo
    PowerPoint-zipped [2.831 Kb]
  • Evaluation methodologies and user involvment in user modeling and adaptive systems.
    PowerPoint-zipped [1.072 Kb]
  • Fluidtime. Developing dynamic and personal time information interfaces that connect to public services and private appointment.
  • UPoet: poetic interaction with a 3D agent.
    Lamarca, Zambetta, De Felice, Abbattista
    PowerPoint-zipped [135 Kb]
  • The Elettra Virtual Collaboratory: a CSCW system for scientific experiments with ultra-bright light sources.
    Ranon, Chittaro, Pugliese
    PDF-zipped [4.666 Kb]
  • Modalita` di percezione ed esplorazione degli spazi web dedicati alle arti visive.
    PowerPoint-zipped [612 Kb]
  • Developing Affective Lexical Resources.
    Valitutti, Stock, Strapparava
    PowerPoint-zipped [49 Kb]
  • SAMIR: a 3D web intelligent interface.
    Zambetta, Cantucci, Abbattista, Semeraro, Lamarca, De Felice
    PowerPoint-zipped [1.430 Kb]